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Сегодня 20 Сент. 2018
The Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology


The Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology is one of the oldest departments of the Vladimir State University. History of the department begins September 1, 1958, when the first students began tuition at Mechanical Technological Faculty of subsidiary of Moscow evening engineering institute without separation from manufacturing on specialty (0501) “Technology of mechanical engineering, metal-cutting machines and instruments”.

Currently, the department trains over 400 students of full-time budget and contract form of tuition. Annually graduate up to 70 engineers. In 2002 graduated 50000th specialist.

In recent years the department has paid great attention to the opening of new specialties and specializations. In 2000 the department opened bachelor direction 150900 (552900) “Technology, equipment and automation of engineering industries”.

The department carried out large methodical work. Over the past three years 4 tutorials received stamp of education-methodical association, indicating a fairly high level of development.

In 2001 employees of the department was certified by the firm “Rand Worldwide” on training of design methods in a system Pro/ENGINEER.

In 2002 signed an agreement on cooperation with the firm “Sandvik” (Sweden). Within agreement organized the annual passage of educational-manufacturing practices for senior students of department on the basis of their enterprise – the Moscow Hard Alloys Combine.

In 2003 the department held a meeting of educational-methodical association of higher educational institutions of Russia on education in the field of automated mechanical engineering.

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