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The Department of Functional and Constructional Materials Technology carried out tuition on programs of higher professional education: Bachelor of Science (BSc) on direction 22.03.01 “Materials Science and Technology” and Master of Science (MSc) on direction 22.04.02 “Metallurgy”. The formation of professional competence is carried out within state educational standards of Russian Federation.

In syllabus great attention focuses on the scientific aspects of the foundry and metallurgical processes, the synthesis of alloys, the theory and technology of metallurgical production, manufacturing of alloys of functional and constructional purposes (including nanomaterials), management of metallurgical production. The high scientific and pedagogical skills of teachers of Department combined with a deserving education and science laboratory facilities provide training of high-quality competitively-capable engineers to work on constantly-developing metals and diversified engineering companies.

The Department finds the opportunity and means for teaching students to modern information technologies and basics of automatic design in foundry, and methoda of mathematical modeling. Senior students have a real opportunity to fulfill course and degree works on base of licensed system of computer modeling of casting processes. Such system of tuition allows students to acquire skills and knowledge to perform various non-standard problems in manufaturing.

Every year the Department has a leading position in the rating of foundry departments of universities of Russia. Over the period 2006-2016 Department stable located among the ten best departments of Vladimir State University.



Program 22.03.01 - Materials Science and Technology

Degree (qualification) of the graduate – the Bachelor of Science.
Field of activity of graduates – processes of production and research of perspective materials for various areas of modern equipment (mechanical engineering and instrumentation, aerospace equipment, nuclear equipment, a nanoindustry, etc.); management of processes of structurization and properties formation of such materials.

In working programs of subjects obtaining the professional and common cultural competences corresponding modern requirements and providing the graduate high competitiveness on a labor market is provided. Graduates of a bachelor degree have the opportunity to continue undergraduate studies at the Master program.
Graduates of Department are demanded and successfully work at leading machine-building enterprises, in design offices, laboratories, research and design institutes. Among graduates of Department – leading experts, chiefs of departments and bureau, chief engineers and the main metallurgists, directors of the largest plants of Russia, candidates and doctors of science.

High scientific and pedagogical qualification of teachers of the department in a combination with worthy educational and experimental base provides high-quality preparation of demanded specialists for work on multi-production enterprises in the quality of engineers and scientists.


Program 22.04.02 - Metallurgy

Degree (qualification) of the graduate – the Master of Science.
As a student on the MSc program on direction "Metallurgy" you will be part of one of the top-ranked metallurgy and materials departments in Russia. MSc students of department are of many nationalities and come from different countries. The MSc students work, train and study alongside the PhD students, together forming a cohort of research students in foundry, metallurgy and materials science. The MSc program is normally carried out in two years of full-time study under the supervision of an experienced scientists. Much of research is carried out in close collaboration with leading industrial enterprises.



Originally preparation of the engineers-founders on specialty "Machinery and Foundry Technology" was carried out by the department "Technology of Metals and Metal Science". For this purpose on department was created the section of foundry manufacture, the organizer and supervisor of which from 1964 to 1969 was a Ph.D., Associate Prof. Razumov V.N. In forming of collective of the teachers and creation of material base within the framework of foundry section active participation accepted Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Kalenov V.P., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Akhmetov G.S., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Sheptunov L.K., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Razumova M.S., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Plyasunov V.G. etc. In April, 1970 section of foundry manufacture was separated in independent department "Machinery and Foundry Technology". After retiring Razumov V.N. the department per different years was headed by the Kalenov V.P., Plyasunov V.G., Ershov G.S., Gavrilin I.V., Korostelev V.F., Panfilov A.V. Since 1996 till the present time the department is headed by prof. V.A. Kechin.

In the period 1970-1974 under a management of Kalenov V.P., Plyasunov V.G., Ershov G.S. at participation of the leading teachers of the department the educational laboratories were created. The collective of the adherents, who have put in pawn the good base for futher development of department of foundry manufacture, was formed. From 1974 to 1986 department was headed by Gavrilin I.V. Under his management on the department was established scientific direction associated with the development of theoretical foundations of the structure of liquid alloys and technology of manufacturing of cast composite materials. On this scientific direction under management of Gavrilin I.V. defended dissertations graduates of the department and subsequently its teachers Kalliopin I.K., Leontiev Yu.A., Ryabtseva L.A., Panfilov A.V., Korogodov Yu.D., Sharshin V.N., Balandin V.M., Bakrin Yu.N., that allowed the department to generate the own scientific-pedagogical staff. By results of scientific researches in 1990 Gavrilin I.V. has protected in the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute the doctor's dissertation.

In the period 1986-1988 under a management of Korostelev V.F. strengthening of material base and further development of scientific researches was continued. A result of scientific researches connected with production of qualitative castings at imposing pressure on the crystalizing metal, was protection by Korostelev V.F. in 1988 doctor's dissertation (Moscow). From 1988 to 1996 department was headed by Panfilov A.V. Under his management, investigations in the field of composite materials have received a wide recognition and have determined a priority of the Vladimir scientific school on this direction.


The list of work programs of the second generation, developed by the Department of Foundry Processes and Constructional Materials


Master's program "Theoretical foundations of foundry processes"


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