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The level of a professional training, prestige of faculty and high school is defined mainly by as far as modern information and industrial technologies are widely used in education. Collective of MTF carries out the big work in that direction. The faculty has the sufficient and extensive material base located in 4 cases, there are more than 100 personal computers for students.


In 1997 the MTF staff took part in organizing of the Scientific-Educational Centre of new engineering technologies that is the unique Russian centre for training specialists in the sphere of computer design and manufacturing. The centre trains students and employees of various enterprises to gain knowledge and skills working in up-to-date CAD/CAM/CAE-systems: Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/MECHANICA, ANSYS, КОМПАС, AutoCAD and so on.

The students study to solve the most complicated engineering problems, to make fast conceptual design, to create solid models and assembly, to prepare working drawings of parts in a dialogue mode, to analyze strength and security of units, to improve start to finish technological process by designing molding forms, changing to new models of machining and operating programs for numerically controlled machines and others.


The Mechanical Technological Faculty has the following departments:

•Machine-building Technological process and Production;

•Automation of Technological Process and Production;

•Casting Process and Compound Components;

•Engineering Design and Computer Graphics;

•Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.

There are more than 1000 Russian and foreign students and about 30 post-graduates studying at the faculty at a time. 80 experienced teachers (there are 12 Doctors of Science and 46 Masters of Science among them) conduct classes.

11 students of our faculty were granted for devoted study and scientific research by President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Regional Authorities and the Board of the University. 6 students get special grants of “Tochmash” plant Vladimir.

There are champions of Olympic Games and World competitions among the sportsmen of our faculty.

The Mechanical Technological faculty is closely connected with schools and educational canters of Vladimir, Kasimov, Kolchugino. The departments cooperate with a number of schools and colleges in frames of mutual training work agreements and pre-universal education.

The faculty has introduced an honors degree program on Specialty 552900 “Technology, equipment and automation of machine-building” since 2000. The 50,000-th engineer graduated from the MTF in 2002. The faculty is engaged in methodical research work. 7 text-books have been approved by Russian Ministry of Education and UMO for the last three years.


151001 “Machine-building technology”: specialization in “Computer aided design and production technology”;

150204 “Machines and technology of casting production”: specialization in “Casting production technology”, “Technology of structural materials”, “Art Casting technology”;

150206 “Machines and technologies of high-effect machining methods”;

110400 “Cast production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals”;

151001 “Automation of technological processes and production: specialization in “Computer operation systems in production and business”;

230201 “Information systems and technologies»: specialization in “Computer graphic systems and multimedia technologies”.

College graduates are provided with a 3.5 years full-time study program on specialties 151001, 150204, 220301.

There are the full-time, correspondence and distant departments as well as studying under the some brunches of the MTF correspondence department in Kasimov, Kirzhach, Kolchugino, Gus-Khrustalny, Nizhny Novgorod.

The best graduates have the opportunity to get post-graduate education in the following subjects:

05.02.01 - “Materials studying (in industry)”;

05.02.02 - “Machines, driving systems and machine parts “(for a doctor's degree);

05.02.05 - “Robots, mechatronics, robototechnical systems” (for a doctor's degree);

05.02.08 - “Machine-building technology”

05.03.01 - “Technology and equipment for machining and physics and technical working” (for a doctor's degree);

05.16.04 - “Casting production (for a doctor's degree).


Annually the MTF staff performs research work under the contract (the total value is 5 mln. roubles), taking part in state and regional scientific research programs and grant projects. They are the following:

• Developing of automation methods and simulation devices, design and technology of complex technological equipment and mechatronic means;

• Research in the sphere of up-to-date technological processes and new materials for machine-building;

• Development of automation and operation systems in technological processes under high-energy effect on materials;

• Dynamic operation of nonlinear mechatronic and robot systems under the uncertainly conditions;

• Computer graphics and automation design systems; distant educational systems and telecommunication;

• Research inquiry and development of gearing mechanisms and mechatronic devices as scientific components of all machine-building application;

• Improvement of lab our conditions at the enterprises.

For the last 3 years the scientific research work has resulted in 10 master's theses and 3 doctor's dissertations defended, more than 500 scientific articles published in Russian press, 17 patent inventions registered.

Annual international scientific conferences take place on the basis of the faculty. They are followed with publishing books of matters of discussion like “Urgent problems of machine-building”, “Production technologies and product quality”, “Genesis, theory and technology of casting materials”.

Students of the faculty take an active part in scientific work, publish articles, go to trade fairs and conferences. The most remarkable achievement have been commended with diplomas of all Russia contests.

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