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Reception rules in the Vladimir state university in 2011


On a sredne-vocational education profile:

Arrive on the first course;

Arrive on the reduced programs of a bachelor degree (the internal form — 3 years, correspondence - 4 years);

Arrive on the basis of the test of a professional orientation


On the basis of the certificate about average full (general) formation arrive on the introductory tests spent in VlGu in subjects, corresponding to the list.

On the basis of the diploma about secondary education arrive on the reduced programs on a profile on the basis of the test of a professional orientation.

The educational program maintenance:

The general humanitarian and social and economic disciplines (1800 hour): the Federal component (1260 hour): a foreign language, physical training, a Russian history, philosophy, cultural science, economy.

High school component (260 hour): marketing bases, religious studies, sociology, the finance and a banking. Disciplines and elective courses (270 hour)

Mathematical and the general it is natural - scientific disciplines (2050 hour):

Federal component (1750 hour.) mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, the theoretical mechanics, ecology.

High school component (150 hour): the mathematical statistics in business and manufacture the discrete mathematics. Disciplines and elective courses (150 hour).

Obshcheprofessionalnye disciplines (1920 hour):

Federal component (1465 hour) the Engineering and computer drawing; the applied mechanics, materials technology, the general of the electrical engineer and electronics, the automatic control theory; metrology, standardization and certification; diagnostics and reliability of the automated systems, safety of ability to live,

The organisation and manufacture planning, programming and algorithmization bases. A high school component (265 hour) Elements, electroautomatics devices, electric cars.

Disciplines and elective courses (190 hour.)

Special disciplines: Technological processes and manufactures; technical measurements and devices; computers, systems and networks; automation means;

The integrated systems of designing and management; automation of the technological

Processes and manufactures; designing of the automated systems; modelling of systems.

Disciplines of specialisation - 920 hour

Total state the graduate.

- The state


- Protection

Final qualifying work.

The theoretical

Preparation of bachelors on a speciality 220200 is carried out by chair «Automation of technological processes» (ATP).

The chair address:

600000, Vladimir, Gorkiy st., 87, VlSU, chair ATP (the case 2),  231. Phone/fax: (0922 279-861)

e-mail: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript


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