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The basic works:

Under the direction of the professor, the academician of Academy of quality Sysoeva S.N. the following scientifically - research works are conducted:


  • Vacuum modules;
  • Researches of influence of ultrahigh pressure upon objects of the live and lifeless nature;
  • Working out of cyclic drives of forward and rotary movements;
  • Product with programming and management of the form of a surface.


On chair there is a modern equipment:


  • Laser technological complex on the basis of installation МЛТИ-500, a co-ordinate table, the industrial robot RM-01, intended for are sharp, weldings, thermohardenings, insertions of apertures;
  • The powerful infra-red monitoring system of a condition of objects on base тепловизора ThermoCAM S 65 firms Flir Systems (Sweden), system intended for research of temperature fields in technological processes (laser processing, foundry processes, power etc.) and diagnostics of a condition of the equipment;
  • Press for moulding with crystallisation under the pressure of ПЛД-300, equipped with a control system on the basis of ПЭВМ Pentium IV and the measuring block on base крейтового complex Н-2000 of firm Lcard.


On April, 14-16th 2010 student's scientific and technical conference is spent. The beginning of work of section at 10-00 in aud.112-2

On April, 22-23nd 1st All-Russia youth Internet conference "Actual problems of exact mechanical engineering" is spent

The basic publications for 2009г.:


  1. The manual on degree designing for students of a speciality 220301 - "Automation of technological processes and manufactures" / V.F.Korostelev, Н. G.Rasskazchikov, A.N.Kirilina; the Vladimir state university (ВлГУ). Vladimir: the Vladimir state university (ВлГУ), 2009. 135 with.: silt., tab. — Bibliogr.: with. 134-135. ISBN 978-5-89368-987-7.
  2. Sysoyev S.N.cyclic drives of oscillatory type / S.N.Sysoyev, A.A.Glushkov; the monography. - Vladim. Gos.un. - Vladimir: Publishing house Vladim. гос. Un y, 2009. - 196с.
  3. Korostelev V. F. Management of process of crystallisation of alloy В95 / V.F.Korostelev, L.P.Khromov, А.Н. Story-tellers; Мехатроника, automation, management, №8, 2009. С.18-24



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